Uk Wedding Blog Cassie Ockwell

Hi there!

I’m Cass and the Artist behind Paper and Bloom

Having worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years, I was horrified at the amount of waste, especially all those beautiful fresh flowers! 99% of which get thrown away. I began crafting crepe paper blooms and it has become a passion, I am on a mission to bring this ancient craft to more homes and brides.

Known to my fellow wedding professionals as the ‘Crafting Queen’ 2024 will see the launch of an EXCITING new service for creative Brides so do keep up with the news on my socials.

About me personally, I adore any animals….I am obsessed with nature and the outdoors and live in a little cottage with the most divine fireplace! I have three cats (at the moment …) 

I started of my professional career as a dancer and singer, so I have always been creative, I could probably list on one hand jobs I haven’t had! I love variety and am quite bohemian in my attitude to life. We only have one and I love to experience it!